Daily Teasers

22/06/2013 - Installment # 1 -

As I grazed my hands over the flat wooden board marking the center of the St. Andrew’s cross, the feel of the cool leather made my skin tingle and wonder with anticipation. Who would be shackled to this beautiful piece of art tonight? 
“Mathis Verlinden?”
Glancing up, I saw a sub approaching me. The orange bracelet on her wrist indicated that she was new. My stomach clenched at the improper way she greeted me.
I didn’t answer her, feeling she didn’t deserve a reply when she couldn’t respect my authority.
She had long flaxen blonde hair and she was fully clothed in short shorts and a tank top. Way too many clothes if you asked me.
I walked by her, noting her confusion. I smiled to myself, reveling in the enjoyment of messing with others.
Again with the wrong title. That’s it. I spun on her quickly, making her jump.
Her gray eyes went wide as she looked upon my face.
Ah yes, she noticed my unhappiness. Good.
“How long have you been here, sub?” I bit out between clenched teeth.
“Um…” She bit her bottom lip, wringing her hands. She was nervous. I made her nervous.
I bit back a smile. “Um is not an answer. Now, how long have you been here?” I repeated the question even though I really hated repeating myself.
“Five weeks.” She said quietly.
“Speak up.”
“Five weeks.” She said louder.
“Five weeks, what?” I waited.
She looked at me, confusion written all over her round face. She was cute and curvy…if you went for that sorta thing.
The subbie didn’t answer me.
Rolling my eyes, I grabbed onto her slender arm, digging my fingers in enough to make her wince.
Searching around the small room, my eyes landed on something that I haven’t used in a very long while. Dragging her along beside me, she dug her feet into the ground, hesitating. “Do you know who I am?”
“Um…Mathis Ver…”
“That’s Master Mathis to you girl.” I brought her to the bench and gently pushed her onto it. She knelt and gripped the handles with her hands. Her skin was pale and I ran a hand down the backs of her thighs.
“How do you approach a Dom?” I asked her, grazing my hand over her round ass.
“I…I’m sorry…”
I gave her a light swat making her squeal and repeated my question in a harsher tone. “How do you approach a Dom?”
“With my eyes cast down and wait for you to acknowledge me.” She said quietly.
Gripping her hair in my hand, I pulled her head back. “When I ask you a question, speak up when you answer, you hear me?”
“Yes Master Mathis.”
I smiled. Her eyes were shiny with tears and I grazed my thumb over a drop that had rolled down her cheek. I sucked the salty liquid off of my thumb and kissed her forehead. “Now, what’s your name pet?”
I moved around the bench and shackled her to each corner, loving the view of her ass in the air. The bench was almost like a saw horse, except this one lowered a bit in the front so the sub’s rear end was pointed upwards. It helped for deeper penetration and really got the blood pumping.
“Lisa what?” Grabbing scissors from my bag, I cut off her shorts. She gasped when the cool air hit her naked ass.
“Lisa Adams.”
I smiled. “Well it’s nice to officially meet you, Lisa Adams. For this scene, I’m going to call you flower.”
She nodded and gripped the handles tight enough to make her knuckles white. Her breathing sped up, leaving her lips in short gasps and her eyes were dark. She was enjoying this.
“How many scenes have you done flower?” Running a hand up her back, I cut off her tank top, leaving her completely naked. Her skin was beautiful. Smooth, perfect for a whipping. My cock jumped at that idea. Don’t get any ideas, Mathis. She isn’t yours. This was just a lesson for her.
“I’ve only done one.”
“What did you think of it?” Moving behind her, I ran a finger over her pussy, juices coating my finger. I smirked to myself. She was ready.
“I…I was nervous but…”
“Did you come?” I inserted a finger into her tight core and placed a hand on her tailbone, holding her in place.
She bit back a moan. That’s fine, I’d make her scream by the end of the scene. “No.”
I frowned, inserting two fingers into her. “The Dom didn’t make you come at all?”
She shook her head. “I used my safeword before he could.” Her cheeks reddened, like she was embarrassed of that.
“Why did you use your safeword?”
“I…I was…I’m not sure.” Her blue eyes locked with mine, her pupils dilating as my fingers picked up speed.
“Are you wanting to use your safeword now?” Removing my fingers, I ran them over her clit and watched her face expression. Sweat coated her brow, her breathing picked up, her lips parted and her eyes glossed over with desire. She wanted more.
“What color are you?” I inserted my fingers again into her now drenched core and rubbed the ribbing inside of her marking her g-spot.
She gasped but no other sounds came out. “Green.”
Well at least she knew the meaning of the colors. “Flower, you can fight the sounds all you want but by the time I’m done with you, you’ll be screaming so loud, your throat will be raw.”
The sub’s eyes dilated but she didn’t say anything.
Good. I loved a challenge.


23/06/2013 - Installment #2 -

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